martes, 11 de noviembre de 2014

Yosemite National Park

Well, finally I have decided to visit the National Park, was a long trip but it was worth it.

It is impossible to see in a picture what you see in person, is for that reason that I made some small videos.

In some of them I said some words in spanish, but don't worry nothing important.

The trip was long, I stopped to eat something in Subway, basically is the same that we have in Argentina - luckily knew how to buy - in this kind of Stores, people don't have time.

The National Park is really huge, you never get tired of seeing the nature.

These are the first steps in the Park, this is my car, it is very nice, although I took several hours to understand how to close the doors.

Here a vídeo entering the park:

Let me say, that the max speed in the routes are low, and as happens in Argentina nobody respects them.

I was in the highway with the cruise speed fixed with the max allowed, and all the traffic passing over me.

55 mph in a highway with 4 lanes is ridiculous, just my impression!.

Inside the Park, this is a beautiful view:

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    You have visited my favorite place in eeuu, I want to be there! Congrats Ricky! I'm very happy about your decision of make a long travel to visit these place. It's wonderful.

    The picture where you are with your "open arms" and the landscape behind it's the best photo (:

    And the car is nice :)
    Did you check how fast is it? jajaja

  2. Great!!! I'm really happy that you could go there ! I'm going to watch the videos tonight but only with the pictures I can see that the landscapes are incredible.

  3. Hi Ricky! Thanks for sharing with us your experience!! I enjoy your blog. I travel with you while reading your posts and looking at your pics. Great trip! Continue enjoying it!!